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Quand j’ai décidé de créer ce blog, c’était aussi pour montrer le travail de photographes que j’apprécie tant de part l’amitié et la considération qu’on se porte que dans leurs travaux photographiques, l’idée ici est d’en présenter quelques uns de très différents et d’y exposer leurs photos et leurs projets, leur laisser une « tribune » où ils peuvent s’exprimer librement avec leur manière de parler et de faire leurs photographies, avec leurs regards, leurs mots et leurs sensibilités au travers de ce modeste blog photo… Je laisse la parole


My name is Anthony Patrick Greenan, born in London in 1966. Currently, now I live in Spain, Madrid, place where I began to study Art at the age of 17.

I started to paint a draw a lot. By that time I shared a painting and sculpting studio with a friend, way to be able to pay the rents, and the art studies that I was  taking by that time.

Soon fell in to my hands a 35mm Mamiya ZE that my girl friend had, and that was the first camera that I ever used. I remember, that the photos she used to do, where very good, compared to the things I began to do. I was really jealous because my work was a total disaster, I began to think that the photography was not made for me, it was more difficult that what I thought.

People used to tell me that my photos where good, but the framing of the snapshot was no so nice. That´s why I began to read a lot about photography, and I began to be interested in landscapes, because it provide me enough time to compose and expose the image the most appropriated way. It was something that really filled me with pleasure at that time. The film that I used by that time, was Fuji Reala or Provia, really raises the colours, the results were amazing. So that is why I still use them in my old cameras.

The first camera I bought was a Nikon F80, and then I bought a second hand Olympus OM10+ a 50mm Zuiko f1.4, really good team…after came the F100 and F5, this last one I will never get rid of her, she is my most valued camera, never fails, and her sound, is just like music….

A few years later when the digital cameras where well introduced in the market I decided to buy a Sony Cybershot f828 8mpx with a Carl Zeiss optic 28/200mmF2.8, but the results obtained were not very convincing. The focusing was not so good, at the screen was too small to view the results on the moment, so that s why I decided to get a real DSRL. The one I was about to buy was the Nikon D200, but someone told me about the Fuji S5Pro with Nikon mount, so thinking that they were very similar, and with a remarkable difference on the price, it was said and done.

I continued shooting at landscapes, but soon I found that the street it was more interesting that what I thought, providing curious scenes that you see every day but you never take time to look at them. One of the photographers that inspired me is Leo Cobo, a Spanish photographer and good friend of mine actually. Picturing streets open a new and unknown world which I never experienced before, telling a story of someone or something happening around me. Just had to be in the right moment and time with a camera.

For this, the S5Pro + the grip, and depending on the lens on the camera, I was carrying almost 2Kg and sometimes it feels a bit too heavy to walk around, in till I discovered the Fujifilm X100. Fully discrete, with high quality results and an F2.0 luminous lens, being able to shoot at people with almost being seen. Now always goes with me.

I will like to thank vlrphoto.wordpress.com,  for giving me this opportunity to somehow show my images to you. I hope you enjoy my photos, and somehow they can transmit something to you, like I deed when I took them.

Anthony Patrick Greenan

Sa gallerie photo :

Son Flikr

J’ai rencontré Anthony, un peu par hasard, via des photos que j’avais postés ça et là et quelques commentaires échangés, j’ai découvert qui il était, c’est à dire un vrai passionné d’art et de photographie, arpentant les rues de la capitale espagnole son X100 à la main, figeant les scènes de la vie urbaine ainsi que ses proches avec son look d’acteur Hollywoodiens.

J’apprécie beaucoup ses photos et leurs personnalités. Il montre à sa manière ce qui lui attire l’oeil et le coeur avec simplicité et spontanéité. 😉


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